trust, but verify.

Meyerson Associates’ Investigation Division (MID) conducts a broad spectrum of investigations with respect to background data, misconduct, independent monitoring, fraud, competitive intelligence and surveillance services.  Since 1994 our team of former NYPD detectives and "in house" attorneys have provided our clients with unsurpassed investigative insight into a range of professional and personal concerns.


Illegal or unauthorized acts, whether by employees, vendors, or contractors pose tremendous threats to corporations. When senior management suspect their company is being victimized by such conduct, they must act quickly to confirm their suspicions, take action and safeguard the company. 

Meyerson Associates conducts confidential investigations into the suspected activities to ensure the collection of reliable information about the suspected conduct, allowing the client's to assess the extent of damages or financial impact on the company and to make informed decisions.


Meyerson Associates provides IPSIG monitoring services for court ordered,  government authorized or private pro-active independent compliance. As licensed investigators/attorneys,   Meyerson Associates is approved by NYPD and the SLA as an independent monitor with respect to closures or enforcement action. 


Attorneys, do you have a difficult case that you need an experienced privateinvestigator and investigative counsel?  Meyerson Associates has investigated, served process and provided trial support services to the top law firms in the United States.  Several of our licensed investigators also admitted attorneys.   Meyerson Associates understands the legal concepts, we know what you need and you don't have to waste your valuable time teaching us the law.  Just give us the memo/brief and let us assist you. 


Meyerson Associates’ provides a wide range of investigative services that help fight fraud, conflicts of interest and embezzlement. We use the combination of computer database searches with MID field surveillance to uncover fraud. The final investigative report is detailed and often is supplemented with video and/or photographs for admissible evidence and credible testimony.